Chambers of Commerce throughout Pennsylvania aggregate buying power and offer ChamberChoice membership benefits to local businesses. Since 1992, members have had access to a portfolio of employer and employee products and services. ChamberChoice includes health, dental and vision insurance; limited benefits medical plans; life, disability and long-term care insurance; energy purchasing solutions; and HR tools and other business administration services.

There is value in aligning with business entities that can operate as an extension of ChamberChoice and bring additional value to the robust portfolio.

OnDemand Energy products are exclusive for chamber businesses and their employees. Attention to detail and professionalism make OnDemand a premier strategic partner to ChamberChoice for delivering energy cost management solutions.


Council of Smaller Enterprises

COSE is one of Ohio’s largest small business support organization, striving to help small businesses grow and maintain their independence. Comprised of more than 14,000 member companies, COSE has a long history of fighting for the rights of all small business owners, whether it’s through group purchasing programs for health care, workers’ compensation, or energy, advocating for specific changes in legislation or regulation to benefit small business, or providing a forum and resource for small businesses to connect with and learn from each other.


Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association / Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council

The mission of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association is to improve the public image, effectiveness and profitability of companies in the retail and wholesale food distribution industry.

Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association/Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council is a statewide trade association with more than 1,200 supermarket and convenience store members, operating more than 6,500 retail food stores throughout Pennsylvania and parts of the mid-Atlantic.


Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA)

Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) provides services to protect and enhance the environment, to present a united and common front in advocating favorable legislation and opposing detrimental legislative proposals. Since 1941 PMAA has assisted authorities in promoting economic vitality and the general welfare of the Commonwealth of PA and its citizens before the state legislature, the Department of Environmental Protection, the US Environmental Protection Agency and other state and federal entities.

With over 700 member authorities, PMAA is the largest association in the Commonwealth representing the interests of drinking water, sewage treatment, waste management, recreational and other community projects. Additionally over 500 associate members, professionals including engineers, solicitors, CPA’s and financial advisors, support the associations efforts to strengthen Pennsylvania’s community infrastructure and services.


Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

The PNA’s mission is to advance the interests of Pennsylvania newspapers, promote the importance of a free and independent press, and provide a forum for critical and innovative thinking about the future of journalism and the newspaper industry.

PNA is the statewide trade association for Pennsylvania newspapers and online media, with more than 300 newspaper, online and media organizations as members. Among other things, it provides legal and lobbying services, education and training, and conferences and events where members network and hear from industry and other leaders. Each spring in Hershey, Pennsylvania, PNA hosts the largest regional tradeshow for the news industry, America East. In recent years, upwards of 1,000 actual attendees, representing approximately 226 different newspapers and companies participated in the America East conference to share the latest in products, technology and ideas.


Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) has been serving townships of the second class since 1921, when Gov. William Sproul signed Act 189 to create PSATS.

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors is committed to preserving and strengthening township governments by lobbying state and federal lawmakers, educating and informing its members through workshops, an annual conference and trade show, and award-winning publications.

Richards Energy

Richards Energy Group Inc.

At Richards Energy Group Inc., their focus is “‘Engineering savings for a cleaner future.” They provide deregulated electricity supply, facility analysis, installation services, utility rate analysis and real-time metering solutions.

They have partnered with OnDemand Energy to augment procurement services in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. The procurement services include lighting retrofit studies and installation, demand response programs, electric bill and energy audits, and sales tax exemption studies.

PA Tourism

The Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association

The PA Tourism & Lodging Association is the leading trade association whose mission is to promote and protect the interests of the hospitality and tourism industry in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association exists to advocate, support, promote and enhance the tourism and lodging industry within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They seek to be inclusive and provide lobbying, education and professional development opportunities, as well as value-adding services. They seek to ensure the ongoing growth and success of their members and the industry.

Intermediate Units

Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit Consortium

In 1997, several Intermediate Units (IU’s) in Pennsylvania formed a buying consortium for the purpose of negotiating and purchasing electricity. With the rate caps for electricity expiring across all utilities in Pennsylvania, a group of nine IU’s has focused heavily on helping school districts manage their electricity costs. OnDemand Energy, as an independent consultant, has helped over 100 school districts switch to third-party suppliers for electricity. In the first full year of expired rate caps (2011), OnDemand has helped school districts collectively save over $3 million on their electricity spend. The Intermediate Units participating in the electricity consortium include Appalachia IU 8, ARIN IU 28, Beaver Valley IU 27, Midwestern IU 4, Northwest Tri-County IU 5, Riverview IU 6, Seneca Highlands IU 9, and Westmoreland IU 7.

IU8 IU28 IU 27 IU 17 IU 4 IU 5 IU 6 IU 7 IU 9


Landis Supermarkets, Inc.

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